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I'm from Leskovac- city in Serbia. I'm 18. Only love in my life is Zvezdaaa Crvenaaaa. hahaaa
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Sunce se ponovo rađa; Ernest Hemingvej (via svanaopachke)

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Ne mogu da podnesem pomisao da mi život tako brzo prolazi, a u stvari ga ne proživljavam.

Ljubav na prvi pozdrav - Mhairi McFarlane (via brbljivica)

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Onda se usred svih tih suza, sluzi i unutrašnje oluje uobliče dva posve jasna pitanja: šta ću ako nikada ne nazove? I kakva će
korist biti od toga ako nazove?




States of emergency have been declared in parts of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia after the heaviest rain and worst floods since records began 120 years ago. Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses. Thousands of homes are without electricity. In most smaller towns the water is contaminated.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia are in complete collapse!
Due to heavy rain, rivers are flooding everything in their way. Villages, cities, parts of the countries are completely cut off from the rest of the world with no health, food, water or hygiene supplies! 

People of Balkans have gone through so much in the last 20 years (wars, separation, destruction…), they have lost everything and are finding themselves in a situation where they have to build everything once again.

Babies. Toddlers. Teenagers. Grown ups. Men. Women. Grandmothers. Grandfathers.

Thousands of people have found themselves homeless and hopeless.
Cities, buildings, homes, factories - all under water.

A man shouting ”I have lost everything!” through tears and screams… broke my heart.
Can you imagine losing everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve given up to give your children something?
People of Balkans are strong, they have survived much. But we need your prayers tonight, we need your help. Do not look away from this, I beg. Pray, donate. I will try to find ways for you to donate a few dollars to help. Until then, pray, pray and pray!

God bless and pray for Balkans! <3

Pozdrav svim mojim Balkancima, budimo svi jedni drugima u mislima i molitvama.



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Pomozite ugroženima u Bosni
1458 - donirate 1 KM
090 291 032 – donirate 2KM
092 890 830 – donirate 1,80 KM

Pomoć ugroženima u Srbiji 1003 (Isti broj važi za sve tri mreže mobilnih operatora Telenor, Telekom i VIP).
Cijena poruke je 100 dinara.

Vama to ne znači ništa, a mnogima ljudima predstavlja novi početak, novi život. Budimo jedno!

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